The primary weapon of the enemy is the weapon of force. But the enemy has been disarmed from that weapon since the Bible says that Christ has taken out of the way the handwriting of requirements which is the law by nailing it to the cross (He has fulfilled the law in our place and disarmed it from being used against us by the devil), and having disarmed principalities and powers, he made a spectacle of them openly. The devil has lost his primary weapon, but he still uses his secondary weapon which is the weapon of fear. He has lost his teeth, but he has not lost his roar. A lion with teeth does not need to go around roaring at its prey. It simply goes in for the kill. If one is able to overcome the roar, one is rendered undevourable. Being untouchable by both force and fear makes one truly invincible. Remember that all physical force can only happen when metaphysical force is successful. If one’s metaphysical force is strong enough to repel all other metaphysical forces, the enemy can’t even get through with physical force. When one is able to use force, one does not need to use fear. Force is a higher weapon than fear. But what is even higher than force is the weapon of deception. Deception is not really a weapon but yet it can be considered the only true weapon. Lack of awareness is what enables the enemy to use force and fear effectively on you.

The devil’s four weapons and their order are represented by the four horsemen in the Bible. The white horse represents deception of false doctrine. This is not the white horse Jesus sits upon. It is the white horse that the Anti-Christ sits upon. The devil pretends to speak the truth but is actually false light. The red horse represents force of warfare and violence. The black horse represents fear, lack and limitation. The pale horse represents death, sickness and destruction. The answer to the four horsemen is the four faces of Jesus or God. The face of the lion repels the white horse by the fire of truth against lies and ignorance. The face of the Man represents Man’s supreme place as master of the universe, master of the forces, creator and sovereign authority of his reality. It neutralizes and counters the red horse with its awareness and ultimate metaphysical force. The face of the ox represents strength, fearlessness and stability. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Strength is power, love is the opposite of fear and stability is a sound mind. The face of the eagle represents having a divine perspective of the life of God that negates all forms of death and sicknesses, loss and even destruction. In the path of the righteous, there is no death. Death is the final enemy to be destroyed because death is the lingering effect.

The devil’s first weapon is deception, followed by the rest. The first weapon must work before the other weapons can work. If one overcomes at the first level, one overcomes at all levels. This is why awareness is the key, and intelligence is the most important thing in the universe. Awareness is power, and if you have full awareness, you are omnipotent. Where there are no weak spots, the enemy is always trying to create a weak spot from time to time. That is why you have to remain aware of when you are weaker in any of the areas whether it is force, fear or death/disease/loss.

Each time the enemy attempts to weaken you in an area, it is an opportunity for you to strengthen yourself in that area. The enemy is taking a big gamble against you where they usually have a higher probability of winning, but if you win, they lose big. Of course in the overall, the odds are greatly stacked against them where they would ultimately lose to you, but they still have a chance of winning, which is the reason why they even fight in the first place. Therefore their strategy tends to target the masses where they would be able to amass many small victories, and to target the powerful ones less. That is why awareness a defense.

The Bible says that knowledge is a defense. The more aware you are, the more you are usually left in peace. And if the enemy decides to attack, it is a situation where you can gain a lot if you win, and cause them to lose a lot on the overall as well. Be sober and vigilant. Cast your cares upon the Lord to overcome the weapon of fear. Be aware of the truth in all areas of force, fear and death. This puts you above all weapons and makes you a force not to be trifled with. Your weapons and defenses are superior, and you don’t even have to fight because you are not in conflict with yourself. You have become one pointed and complete. This is all power, all freedom and all abundance."

- Enoch Mind Reality





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